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  • Sistema evolutivo de simulación de tráfico vehicular en dos intercepciones

    This research proposes to provide an optimal solution to the problems that exist in terms of vehicular traffic, since it is not a local problem but a global one. The results are encouraging and show that the mathematical algorithm programmed into an interface for a two-intercept system. Different vehicular loads are proposed in the NetLogo simulation platform so that the algorithm is able to optimally synchronize the change of interface lights (traffic light) considering the different random vehicle loads at both junctions. A total of three thousand five hundred (3,500) experiments were conducted, using the Monte Carlo method to determine probabilities on the variables of time and mean speed, considering the multiple combinations performed in the simulator. Finally, the programming of the interface is described, as well as the optimal overall behavior of the system graphically and mathematically.

  • Legal impacts of digitization on intellectual property
  • Saudi firms' performance dynamics: Organizational learning, innovation, and the dual roles of firm size and type

    The objective of this research paper is to propose a robust framework for understanding the correlation between organizational learning, innovation, and the performance of Saudi Arabian firms, encompassing both financial and non-financial aspects. Additionally, the study evaluates how factors such as “firm type” and “firm size” influence organizational learning, innovation, and overall firm performance. For this study, we distributed a questionnaire to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia's private firm employees for a year. Analysis involved 815 complete sets, utilizing Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) through Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) to explore relationships among latent variables via path analysis. Organization learning significantly enhances both financial and nonfinancial performance. Additionally, innovation positively influences firm performance. The combined impact of organizational learning and innovation strongly influences overall firm performance. Introducing the mediating variable "type of firm" enhances the relationship between organizational learning, innovation, and firm performance, as depicted in Model 2. The result of path analysis shows that “firm size” as moderating variable is significantly negatively related with innovation and firm performance. This study contributes by exploring the interplay of organizational learning, innovation, and their impact on firm performance, particularly within the emerging Saudi context, enhancing existing knowledge.

  • Clinical cases and recommendations for post-traumatic rehabilitation based on EI

    Psychological rehabilitation following traumatic events is essential for individuals to regain a sense of well-being and resilience. Emotional intelligence (EI) has emerged as a promising tool in trauma recovery, yet its specific role and effectiveness remain underexplored. This research aims to investigate the relevance of EI as a tool for psychological rehabilitation after traumatic events. Through the analysis of clinical cases, this study seeks to elucidate the impact of EI interventions on promoting resilience and facilitating recovery among trauma survivors. Clinical cases, presented in literature, of individuals who have experienced traumatic events were analyzed to assess the role of EI in their psychological rehabilitation. The results reveal that EI interventions significantly contribute to psychological rehabilitation after traumatic events. The integration of EI strategies into trauma recovery programs facilitated resilience-building and enhanced overall well-being among trauma survivors. Hence, the research underscores the relevance of EI as a tool for psychological rehabilitation after traumatic events. The conclusions highlight the effectiveness of EI interventions in promoting resilience and facilitating recovery among trauma survivors. By incorporating EI strategies into trauma recovery programs, mental health professionals can enhance the effectiveness of interventions and support individuals in their journey toward healing and recovery.

  • Development of gedner identity in nenets adolescents ? representatives of indigenous small-numbered peoples of the north
  • Predicative adjectives in the composition of expressions as tactics of positive and negative politeness strategies

    The present research focuses on analyzing the mechanisms of politeness and the role of adjectives in interpersonal relationships, considering them as important tools for expressing attitudes, emotions, and cultural values. Based on the research results, it has been established that politeness strategies and the use of adjectives vary significantly depending on cultural contexts, underscoring the need for a deeper understanding of linguistic norms and variations. Special attention has been paid to the role of adjectives, which serve not only as descriptive elements but also as means of expressing evaluations and emotions, thus, playing a significant role in intercultural interaction. The research conclusions underscore the importance of integrating intercultural understanding into the process of linguistic interaction. It has been revealed that successful intercultural communication requires not only language proficiency but also a deep understanding of cultural differences in politeness strategies. The research also points to the need for further exploration in this field, in particular, in developing practical recommendations for enhancing intercultural communication. In this context, knowledge and application of relevant linguistic strategies can contribute to better understanding and respect among representatives of different cultures.

  • Traces of theosophical approach in Jalal'ud-Din Muhammad Rumi

    Rumi's concept of "Love," which He has proposed for years, has been tried to be explained from various perspectives. However, some scholars claim that it consists of phrases reflecting the content of "Divine Love," some of them "The peak of human romanticism," and some of them "Theosophy."The critical works written by Rumi are Masnawi and Divan-e Shams. He points out two crucial issues there and even starts the poem at the beginning of the Masnawi not with the name of Allah, but with "Listen from the reed-flute!" In this beginning, Rumi deals with the expressions "separation" and "unity" and emphasizes that the creature will prefer to return to the place it is attached to. This research examines theosophical approaches based on Rumi's work. It tries to determine the difference between romantic thinking, theosophic approaches, and the love expressed by Rumi. There are similarities between Rumi's view and theosophism. However, the necessary research has not been done in this regard. In today's era, getting results about Rumi's thoughts and mystical view of theosophism is essential. This research is based on comparative studies and the qualitative methodology. Corpus selection was at the forefront, and Divan-e Kabir and Masnawi were determined as the main works and analysis sources.

  • Modeling the impact of the agricultural sector on the development of the regional economic systems
  • The health-restoring potential of musical art in the postwar period

    The academic paper explores the prospects of using music therapy for people who have participated in hostilities or have been in the epicentre of military operations and have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder. The present research encompasses the historical documentation of attempts to apply music therapy during the First and Second World Wars, the evolution of music therapy in the latter part of the XX century, and the potential for growth in the context of contemporary conflicts, in particular, the ongoing Russian aggression against Ukraine since 2014. Three main types of music therapy practices have been identified: perceptual, motor practices, and music-making. It has been revealed that the positive impact of music therapy practices is not only noted by the patients themselves but also measured instrumentally, which gives objective grounds to emphasize the importance of the health-restoring potential of musical art. At the same time, the analysis of publications shows that music therapy practices are not widespread, but rather sporadic initiatives of individual rehabilitation centers and volunteer organizations. In addition, the attempt to find out which musical works should be used for music therapy practices also brings no results due to the lack of relevant studies.

  • Predicting dropout at master level using educational data mining: A case of public health students in Saudi Arabia

    Student dropout and its economic and social consequences are significant issues in developing countries. Students who drop out experience reduced employment prospects and encounter social stigma. While early dropout prediction can assist in mitigating the consequences, it remains a considerable challenge. The present research employed a data mining approach to predict dropout of public health master-level students in Saudi Arabia, a developing nation that has invested considerable resources to promote higher education. The research model focused on three fundamental determinants of students’ dropout: individual, institutional, and academic. The study analysis on a dataset of 150 students revealed that all three determinants predicted student dropout. The results indicated that students with low academic performance who received an academic warning were likelier to drop out. Freshmen with poor academic achievement were particularly at risk of dropping out of college. Students between 31 and 36 years old who attended technical courses as a subject specialization could also dropout. The research contributes to the literature by suggesting that universities should consider these individual, institutional, and academic determinants to develop their dropout prevention strategies. This study has ramifications for university administrators in developing nations, such as Saudi Arabia, who can establish dropout prevention programs based on the determinants revealed in this study.

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