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  • Understanding the importance of service (Hizmet) movement schools in the instruction of Turkish to non-native speakers

    The Hizmet movement schools, which set out to achieve universal peace, attempted to increase methods of communication between nations and cultures by teaching more languages to students, in light of the proverb "One language is one person, two languages are two people." They also taught Turkish as a second language in schools. The Hizmet Movement schools, which teach Turkish in more than 170 countries, have teachers spend time with students outside of class. By incorporating Turkish into every day, they increased its use. They exposed Turkish to their parents and others through projects and studies. In their countries, they have made sure Turkish lessons are taught by Turks. This paper explains the function of Hizmet Movement Schools in teaching Turkish to foreigners and shows how they go to world peace using Turkish steps. This research is a descriptive qualitative study in which data is acquired by approaches such as investigation, observation, interviewing, and source scanning. Studies on Teaching Turkish to Foreigners and Service (Hizmet) Movement schools were utilized throughout the collection of data, as well as expert opinions were contacted, and observation-based assessments were carried out

  • Standardization of English language spellings used in textism: A viewpoint of undergraduate learners in Pakistan

    The purpose of this quantitative research is to explore the perspective of students in Pakistan if they prefer the English language standard spellings to be changed in accordance with the texting spelling structures for properly matching pronunciation with spellings. A sample size of 100 students was randomly selected from among the undergraduates of colleges in Lahore; 50 male students and 50 females. Using a questionnaire, students were asked about their opinion if a particular set of spellings used in texting becomes formally accepted; which spellings they would prefer if given a choice; if learning and mastering the English language be improved with this advancement; and if they find the same spelling and pronunciation mismatch in their own language too. The texting word forms included words from the category of short forms and vowel deletion. Using SPSS, the responses were evaluated and the hypotheses were tested. The results show that students hold the same firmness as the other language trainers and researchers i.e. the preservation and correct practice of standard English language, and that SMS slang does not interfere with the standard norms of English language

  • Digital technologies and information translucence in healthcare management: An institutional theory perspective for adopting electronic incidence reporting systems

    The purpose of this study was to provide an institutional theory perspective on the adoption of electronic IRS technology for healthcare management. This research employs institutional theory to investigate the adoption of electronic IRS for healthcare management. The study’s conceptual analysis demonstrates that coercive, normative, and imitative forces influence the adoption of electronic IRS for healthcare management. International healthcare regulations and standards reflect the presence of coercive forces. International healthcare societies and professional networks mirror normative forces. Imitative forces exert pressure on smaller enterprises and developing nations to adopt electronic IRS. This research contributes to the literature and theory by extending the application of institutional theory to the adoption of digital technologies such as the electronic IRS. In addition, the study has practical implications because it demonstrates the importance of digital technologies such as electronic IRS for information translucence and healthcare management. Small businesses in developing nations can learn from large businesses in developed nations to adopt electronic IRS for efficient and effective healthcare management

  • Problems of investigation of medical crimes in Ukraine

    In the article, the authors identified the main reasons for the low level of investigation of medical crimes in Ukraine based on the analysis of 78 criminal cases of medical malpractice considered by courts since 2013, the study of statistical information, scientific literature on the problems of investigating medical crimes, national legislation. It was concluded there are significant problems with the investigation of medical crimes in Ukraine. Less than one percent of the number of initiated criminal cases is sent to court. Most of the cases sent to court end with a guilty verdict, however, medical workers are released from real deprivation or restriction of freedom for various reasons. According to the specialties of medical workers, the most criminogenic are obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, anesthesiology, and emergency care for injuries and internal diseases. Methods of committing medical crimes are associated with using incorrect methods of providing medical care and with the untimely or incorrect diagnosis of the disease. The problems of investigating medical crimes in Ukraine are due to a number of reasons, including the closeness of the results of the post-mortem examination of the corpse to relatives of the deceased, the lack of independent forensic medical examination institutions in Ukraine, and gaps in the legal regulation of the protection of medical records from unauthorized access. This greatly complicates the establishment of a causal relationship between the actions or inaction of medical workers and the negative consequences that have occurred

  • The case-law from the ECHR regarding the compensation of moral damage to the employee

    The purpose of the article is to study the practice by the ECHR regarding reimbursement for moral harm caused to the employee. The subject matter of research is moral damage. Methodology. The methodological bases for the Article are: general scientific, systematic methods, method of descent from the abstract to the concrete, sociological and legal research method, method of generalizing judicial practice, etc. Research results. The judgments by the ECHR on compensation for moral damage to employees, which was caused as a result of discrimination, dismissal due to a strike, because of the statement in the media, political beliefs, based on gender and due to illness, were considered. Practical meaning. It was proven that since the rights of the second generation (which include labor rights) are not reflected in the Convention, a person has no right to apply for their protection to the Court. This is possible only if other fundamental rights were affected during the violation of labor rights. Value/originality. The use of case-law from the ECHR in the process of researching the institution of compensation for moral damage to an employee will contribute to the development of its use in law enforcement activities and the dissemination of the experience of equitable reimbursement as a way to protect the violated rights and legitimate interests of workers in Ukrainian realities

  • Ecosystem of tourist business in the context of regional tourism and hospitality industry development

    The evolution and problems of the definition of such notions as “business ecosystem”, “business ecosystem model” and “business platform” in the scientific environment are overviewed and analyzed in this paper. Different strategies of the management of business ecosystem models are considered and conclusions about their efficiency at different development stages are formulated. In the paper, the particular attention is paid to digital platforms as a tool of management and development of business ecosystems in modern realities, the key cases of ecosystem business models in Russian economy are analyzed. The authors consider the digital platform creation as a perspective approach to the transition to the concept “Tourism 4.0” in the Republic of Bashkortostan. However, there are different opinions regarding the practicability of the realization of regional tourist platforms in comparison with the federal ones. The paper presents the overview of the main arguments of the parties of this discussion. As a result of the conducted research, the author formulated the conclusions on the perspective of creating cross-functional and multi-platform solutions for the realization of federal and regional platforms. That is, the construction of platforms based on the principle of mutual integration and realization of different but supporting functions, which would serve the whole chain of creation, promotion and realization of tourist product and realization of accompanying touristic services, will allow implementing not the competitive development environment but the ecosystem cooperation environment. Such principle is relevant from the point of the broad-scale and deep mechanism of data aggregation, for building up effective development strategies at entrepreneurial, regional and federal levels

  • Markers of masculinity in Khanty, Russian, Kazakh and Chinese folklore: Pragma-Cognitive aspect

    The article is devoted to the analysis of the psycholinguistic features of the male portrait in fairy tales in the different structural linguistic cultures: Khanty, Russian, Kazakh and Chinese. The choice is determined by the belonging of these peoples to traditional cultures with varying degrees of transformation of behavioral stereotypes. Traditional culture considers a man as the head of a large family, a protector, a breadwinner, a landowner with the competencies of a fisherman and a hunter, so a woman with children needs his help and care. In this regard, the purpose of this study is the need, based on the psycholinguistic features of personal characteristics, to reveal the masculine image in the tales of Khanty, Russians, Kazakhs and Chinese. The authors analyze the psycholinguistic and stylistic means of representing masculine traits in the fairy tales of these peoples. Kazakh, Khanty, Russian and Chinese fairy tales for the first time become the object of psycholinguistic characterization of personal characteristics on the example of the image of masculinity. The course of reasoning on the topic of the study leads the authors to the conclusion that the analyzed original texts of fairy tales contrast with a reliable representation of the ethnic group. The traditional male portrait is shown from the position of describing the psycholinguistic features of personal characteristics, through the relationship of the main characters, through their external and internal speech. This approach makes it possible to identify a set of ethnic, social, historical and geographical factors inextricably linked with language, on the one hand, and on the other – caused by psychological manifestations

  • Educational policy of life quality of social and cultural forms of the educational organisation throughout life

    The relevance of the study of continuous education through the prism of the analysis of its socio-cultural dimension lies in the needs of studying modern transformations of educational systems in the cultural and educational plane. The purpose of this article is to analyze the educational policy of the quality of life of socio-cultural forms of education throughout life. The article is based on the use of theoretical pedagogical research methods: analysis, synthesis, induction, and deduction. The content analysis of professional literature showed that scientists do not pay much attention to lifelong education. This is explained by the criticism of some of its principles in scientific circles. The results highlight the historical foundations of permanent education, outline its main socio-cultural features and principles of use in practice, analyze European and American models of implementation of this type of education. Practical significance: creating a recommendation for the implementation of continuous education in Ukraine and revealing its additional advantages. In the conclusions, it is noted that this synthesized study in general opens a wider discussion on the justification of the need to harmonize the European and Ukrainian education systems through the prism of the analysis of the socio-cultural significance of continuous education

  • Institutional stability of public administration in conditions of sustainable development: geopolitical aspect

    The relevance of the question of the development of public administration in the modern world is important because it is one of the decisive factors affecting the well-being of each state. The purpose of the article is to identify the problems faced by modern institutions of public administration, as well as the ways of their development based on consideration of the management system of the two leading countries of the world. During the research, the following methods of the theoretical block were used: analysis, synthesis, concretization, and generalization of information. The following conclusions were made as a result of the study: the historical development and the current state of public administration in China and the United States were analyzed. It was determined that the modern confrontation between the U.S. and China will intensify in the future and one of the areas of struggle will be the system of governance. It was found out that the main problem of modern management in democratic countries is the presence of bureaucratic elements, so in the future, there will be a departure from them, by increasing the power of managers in the field. The role of outsourcing in the public administration of the future was also examined. In general, it was concluded that the change and sustainability of institutions depends on the type of states. This article will be useful, first of all, to management scientists who study in detail the phenomenon of public administration and develop a theory of its reform. Also, the materials of this article will be useful for political scientists who study modern geopolitical processes

  • The strategy of the historical policy of Ukraine in the context of the development of the Russian-Ukrainian war: an anthropological aspect

    In a confrontation with an aggressor who uses various hybrid tools, the correct conduct of humanitarian policy is of great importance. Unfortunately, in the realities of the Russian-Ukrainian war, there is no special strategy of historical policy. Therefore, development and its further improvement is an important topic of both theoretical and practical research. The purpose of the article is to investigate the Strategy of the Historical Policy of Ukraine in the context of the development of the Russian-Ukrainian confrontation. The research is based on the use of general scientific and special historical research methods. In the results, the phenomenon of historical policy is defined, a model of the Strategy of Historical Policy of Ukraine is developed, and possible challenges to its implementation are outlined. The following directions are outlined in the Strategy model: reorganization of the National Unity Council, de-communization, reforms in the field of education and science, organization of educational work among the population, and commemoration of Ukrainian historical and modern heroes. Therefore, the model was developed taking into account anthropological principles: the emphasis is on the transformation of society and its mental components. The conclusions summarize that the schematic model of the Historical Policy Strategy will require further scientific discussion

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