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  • Out-of-Pocket Expenditure on Delivery Care in Public and Private Health Sectors - A Study in a Rural District of Pakistan

    Pakistan witnessed a significant improvement in maternal health outcomes during the past two decades. However, persistent urban-rural and socio-economic inequalities exist in access to maternal healthcare services across the country. The objective of this study was to estimate out-of-pocket expenditure (OOPE) on delivery care by women in the public and private health sectors in RajanPur district. This was a cross-sectional study conducted, among 368 randomly selected mothers who had childbirths from 1st October to 31st December 2020. The study applied multi-stage random sampling technique to select the study participants. The results showed that about two-thirds of mothers preferred public hospitals for most recent delivery. The percentage of cesarean deliveries conducted in private hospitals (43.8%) was 4.7 times higher than in public hospitals (9.3%). About 99% of mothers incurred OOPE during delivery care, and the mean OOPE incurred during delivery care was PKR 2840 (US$ 17.75) in public hospitals and PKR 25596 (US$159.9) in private hospitals. OOPE on cesarean delivery in private hospitals (PKR 39654.7, US$247.8) was 2.5 times higher than the public hospitals (PKR16111.9, US$100.69), whereas OOPE incurred on normal delivery care in private hospitals (PKR14339, US$89.62) was 9.5 times higher than OOPE in public hospitals(PKR 1501.4, US$9.38).To conclude, the findings and recommendations drawn from the research would provide some insights to health policymakers and planners in developing an integrated and viable maternal healthcare program in Pakistan

  • A systematic review of artificial intelligence in education in the arab world

    In recent years, many technological innovations that have contributed to the success of the educational process, and artificial intelligence is one of these recent innovations. Artificial intelligence has become one of the technological tools used in education and demonstrated a successful emergency strategy during the pandemic of Covid-19. This study aimed to focus on the role artificial intelligence played in education in Arabs world during the last five years. This study conducted a comprehensive survey of the research published in three databases (Google Scholar, ERIC, and IEEE) to reach the goal of this study. The total number were found in three databases was 436 and 29 of them are related to “Artificial Intelligence and Learning and Teaching and Arab world”, the abstracts of these studies were checked according to adopted methodology. The methodology was applied to select the studies is where these studies applied, the specialization of the researcher, and the research methodology followed. Moreover, the goals of the selected papers, the results, and similarities and differences among these studies were discussed. Recommendations and future studies also discussed

  • Performing musicology in the socio-cultural space of Ukraine of the XXI century: scientific and creative discourse

    At the present stage, performing musicology plays an important role in the formation and development of professional musicians. In the socio-cultural space of Ukraine of the 21st century, it continues the historical traditions of research on the formation of performers, but, at the same time, it undergoes serious transformations. The aim of the research is to identify the key, fundamental principles of performance skill in the context of today's realities, to determine the factors influencing the reformatting of the essential features of the creative activity of musicians. The methods of work were: analysis of scientific literature, systematization of methodological complex, method of analysis and synthesis, method of thematic analysis and critical approach to discretization of musical works. The results of the work allow us to assert about radical changes in the approach to art as such, as well as in the formation of professionals and their creative activity with a change in the basic parameters of the approach to music education. The institutionalization of art currently plays a leading role in the cultural socialization of masters, but today it is not decisive. With the development of progressive methods and approaches to education, modern technologies, globalization, the process of becoming a musician becomes easier, but access to the world of art without mediation opens wide horizons for promising musicians, and, at the same time, increases the level of competition for material and non-material incentives. The study offers a new perspective on performing musicology as a promising field for further scientific work, which will allow a better understanding of the peculiarities of the formation of musicians in the socio-cultural space of the 21st century

  • Modernising the theoretical and practical aspects of national education system development

    The purpose of scientific exploration is to determine the factors influencing the processes of modernization of education in the national cluster. The task of the article is to characterize the socio-economic, political, and cultural elements of national development that influence the educational space, forming the basis for the implementation of innovative transformations in the practical learning activity and their prospects in the strategies of educational development. In addition, modernization of education occurs in the context of globalization challenges, which leads to a certain leveling of the national factor. However, it is the national characteristics that often become the fundamental elements identifying the educational identity of a state or region. The methodological arsenal through which the attempt is made to implement the objectives of the scientific article can be divided into a general scientific cluster (analysis, systematization, classification); elements of scientific-pedagogical discourse (pedagogical experiment, modeling); philosophical-scientific methods (dialectics, synergy) The optimal result of education modernization is to increase the efficiency of the educational system while preserving the national authenticity of the educational environment

  • Educational marketing as a basis for the development of modern Ukrainian society and the state

    This study is aimed to contribute into the improvement for 'educational marketing' as one of the essential and defining areas that accelerates a comprehensive social development of today's Ukraine, strengthening the intellectual potential of Ukrainian society and the State. The methodology used in the research allows developing a renewed strategy of educational marketing, which would take into account the system of professional education based on marketing policy, focused on a set of marketing patterns. The research gives a general understanding of what material & technical, legal-organizational, socio-economic, and mental problems Ukraine's contemporary education system functions with. The emphasis is made on the problems of the Higher Education reforming. The scientific novelty element consists in the proposal to create a profile package of a modern senior- and middle-level specialist, focusing higher education institutions on the development of marketing skills for these specialists

  • Teachers Views on the Challenges of Teaching Arabic Language Through Distance Learning in the Aftermath of the COVID 19

    The purpose of the study was to indicate the challenges that Arabic language teachers face in using distance learning through the COVID 19. The study applied a descriptive approach, through using a survey instrument. The survey was applied to a stratified random sample, consisting of 348 participants including 182 male and 166 female teachers in the Hail región in Saudi Arabia. The results showed that there are several challenges faced by teachers, most notably: poor internet connection, high financial cost of providing devices for learners, poor attendance and difficulty in developing skills that need direct interaction. In addition to the absence of statistically significant differences towards the study axes between the average responses of the study sample, according to the number of training courses in the technical field and years of experience. The study recommended spreading the culture of collective participation and active dialogue, using motivating teaching strategies, and developing a clear vision for teaching the Arabic language from a distance

  • An Investigation into Patient Satisfaction from the Healthcare System in Saudi Arabia: Survey and Analysis of the Major Determinants in the Qassim Region

    The main aim of this empirical study is to investigate and assess the degree of patient satisfaction in hospitals in the Al-Qassim region of Saudi Arabia and the primary causes that may contribute to satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the healthcare system. Primary data were acquired from a sample consisting of 292 patients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Al-Qassim region. The level of patient satisfaction with the healthcare system in Al-Qassim region was investigated using a self-administered questionnaire. The main determinants of patient satisfaction in the healthcare system included patient demographics, expectations, perceptions, and experiences. In Al-Qassim region patient experiences and expectations were the most important elements in influencing their satisfaction level. Further, demographics factors have favorable and substantial effects on people's perceptions and behavior regarding their satisfaction level with healthcare services in the Al-Qassim region. This research will aid healthcare administrators, policymakers, paramedical staff, and physicians in identifying the reasons for patient dissatisfaction and considering viable options to improve patient satisfaction levels in the health care system

  • Organizational structures for preserving documentary monuments in the leading libraries of Ukraine

    The purpose of the article is to study the current state and reveal the organizational and structural features of the divisions of documentary monuments as a library scientific and cultural project based on the analysis of the experience of creation, functioning and development trends of such divisions by the leading libraries of Ukraine. A content analysis of the official sites of 38 leading scientific libraries was carried out, including 13 library institutions with national and state status, and 25 ones - with regional. Summarizing the results of the content analysis made it possible to determine the level of effectiveness of creating and functioning organizational structures of documentary monuments of the leading library institutions of Ukraine, as well as the factors that contribute to the improvement of the effectiveness of the organizational and structural construction of activities with documentary monuments. Among such factors, one can note the status, level, type and kind of the library institution; library origin (as a rule, libraries with a long history have more chances to accumulate rare, valuable and unique publications, and thus to create appropriate divisions)

  • Legal and organizational aspects of destructive information impact counteracting: the experience of Ukraine and the European Union

    With the functioning of the global Internet, the geopolitical struggle between the states has intensified significantly in the information sphere. Transformations of the security space in modern conditions are leading to extraordinary events in cyberspace in Europe and other countries, which are becoming more frequent and large-scale. This situation requires intensification of international cooperation in the field of information space protection. A significant part of the risks in the information sphere arises due to the «lag» of legal regulation from scientific and technological progress. This has led to problems of protection of personal data of citizens and ensuring the sustainable operation of information and telecommunications systems of critical infrastructure. One of the main ways to overcome the «lag» is timely and proper regulation of these processes. Effective international cooperation to protect the information space will be facilitated by: improving coordination of actions and cooperation within international organizations in order to strengthen cyber resilience; purposeful fight against cybercrime in Ukraine and the world; development of cybersecurity dialogue at the national and international levels; close public-private partnership in the institutional provision of information and cybersecurity management

  • The psychological and pedagogical aspect of the life quality of citizens with disabilities

    Today, with the existing trends of society's humanization and democratization, there is a need to find ways to improve the life quality of people with disabilities for their full and harmonious development. Furthermore, in the current conditions of a challenging economic, social, and political world situation, it is crucial to effectively organize the process of psycho-pedagogical support for the social and psychological development of people, including children, with disabilities. Nowadays, state and public authorities all over the world try to direct their social policy and public activity toward the creation of a complex of legal, economic, psychological, educational, medical, rehabilitation, and other measures aimed at improvement of the quality of services, social adaptation and return to a full-quality life of people with disabilities. The article aims to reveal the main tendencies of scientific works in psychological and pedagogical support for the life quality of people with disabilities. Also, we should clarify practical aspects and perspectives of psychological and pedagogical support for this category of people, including, during extreme situations, martial law. Methodology. To write the article, we analyzed the works of scientists carrying out theoretical and practical research on the effectiveness of work with disabled persons. Also, we studied the results of a questionnaire poll of specialists in social services and disabled persons. Results. According to the research results, the tendencies of modern teachers and scientists studying the psychological and pedagogical support of the life quality of people with disabilities, as well as the results of the questionnaire survey on the factors influencing the success of psychological and pedagogical work to improve the life quality of persons with disabilities are traced and outlined promising work directions with these people

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