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AutorAlberto Ares Mateos, S. J./Mauricio García Durán, S. J./Cecilia Estrada Villaseñor/Juan Iglesias Martínez
Louie Albert, S. J.
Jesuit priest of the Madurai Province, India. He served with  as t he
Country Director, Tamil Nadu, and has participated in t he international
workshop on ‘Peacebuilding and Conict resolution’ in Davao, Philippines.
He has authored several articles in renowned journals. Some of his contri-
butions are published in the following books: Dalit education: Challenges
and emerging issues in India, Human rights v iolation against women, Envi-
ronmental crisis and sustainable development: An educational perspective,
Trends of health care in modern India. He has completed his Master’s De-
gree in Sociology from Madras University, Chennai, and holds a PhD from
Gandhigra m Deemed University. He is presently Assistant Professor in the
Depart ment of Sociology, Loyola College, Chen nai.
Alberto Ares Mateos, S. J.
PhD in International Migration and Development Cooperat ion
from Comillas Pontical University. He specialized in Social Eth-
ics complementing a Licentiate in Sacred eology at Boston College;
he has a degree in Economics and Business Administration (Uni-
versity of Valladolid). He also holds a degree in Ecclesiastical Stud-
ies (Comillas Pontical University, Spain). From  to  he was
the Delegate of the Social Sector for the Province of Spain of the So-
ciety of Jesus. Since September  he is the Director of the Uni-
versity Institute of Studies on Migration. His main research and
knowledge areas are International migrations, Migrat ion and integ ra-
tion, Migration and consumption, Migration and religion and Mig ration
and development. He is a Member of the Council of the Chair of Refugees and
Forced Migrants () and the Director of the Chair of Disaster and
Climate Migration (). Member of the academic eld of the Crimino-
logical Observatory of the Criminal Immigration System (), of the
Criminology Institute of the University of Malaga since .
Josep Buades Fuster, S. J.
He joined the Society of Jesus in  aer obtaining a degree in Law
(Comillas Pontical University). In the course of his philosophical and
Migratory Flows at the Borders of Our World

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