Abstract - Reglas de producción de las pruebas y regla de exclusión en sede de casación penal - Libros y Revistas - VLEX 741605337


AutorAlfonso Daza González
The book entitled Reglas de producción de las pruebas y regla de exclusión en
sede de casación penal deals with a complex legal issue that is related to the
concept of evidence in the new accusatory system in Colombia, regarding how
the evidence was obtained: unlawfulness; how procedures were performed for its
formulation: illegality; and the legal consequence it generates: exclusion.
In such conditions, the concepts of illicit evidence and illegal evidence are
analyzed from regulatory and functional points of view. This last aspect is deve-
loped from the analysis of the role of those involved in the prevention, investiga-
tion, and prosecution of crime.
Similarly, different hearings are analyzed where the exclusion of illicitly ob-
tained evidence and illegal evidence must be petitioned, to conclude that in the
event that these petitions have not succeeded before the guarantee judge or the
hearing judge, it will be in a court of cassation, by way of indirect violation, be-
cause of error of law by false judgment of legality, where the Supreme Court of
Justice will make the respective exclusions.
Evidence, unlawfulness, illegality, exclusion, preliminary hearings, arraignment
hearings, cassation.

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